Warrior Games, Days 4 and 5

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wounded_warrior_games_cheers From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli; We fight our country's battles In the air, on land, and sea; First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title Of United States Marine.... Look, as a former Army guy it broke my heart too, but the reality is that the USMC came to win, and win they did. In the end it was somewhat of a blow out, as the Marines used their extra acclimation time in Colorado Springs to really dominate:
Chairman’s Cup Final Standings Marines - 53 medals, 106 points Air Force - 20 medals, 80 points Army - 68 medals, 68 points Navy - 12 medals, 48 points
Let me catch you up on the videos that you missed first: Day 3 Video: Day 4 Video: Day 5 Video:   Once I unpack from my trip, and get some other stuff done I will be be back to do a full recap, but I did want you to know that our buddy and fellow Legionnaire Scott Martin just narrowly missed a bronze medal by 1 point in the Ultimate Champion Pentathalon after taking Gold in the Men's 100m in Track and Field and a bronze in the 50m Freestyle in the pool. (I think he may also have taken a Silver in the Men's 1500m but trying to verify that now.) And Air Force Staff Sergeant Stacy Pearsal that I discussed earlier brought home a silver in the Women's 1500m run, and a bronze in Air Rifle.
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