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Ride 2 Recovery Recovery and Remembrance - Cycling and an Endurance March For the past few days I have been following a couple of major sporting events and I don’t mean MLB or the Final Four. On April 6th, the Ride 2 Recovery Texas Challenge started at Brooke Army Medical Center and headed north toward San Marcus. From there they traveled to Austin, Ft. Hood, Waco, Cleburne and this weekend they will finish up in Arlington Texas. It’s called the “Don’t Mess with Texas” Challenge. The challenge is limited to 200 participants and the entry fee is $3000. Unless….you’re a wounded warrior and then you’ve already paid the entry fee. You’ve lost an arm or a leg or have a TBI injury – you get the idea. Participants cycle from point A to point B, up and down hills, sun or rain. They are escorted by American Legion Riders and also have numerous support vehicles. This video of the recent ride in California tells the story better than I can in words. Here are some Facebook postings on this weeks ride from John Wordin, one of the Founders: What an awesome day...perhaps the best R2R day ever... "Like I put on my glasses to read, if I want to walk or ride my bike, I put on my legs," Duane Wagner For more on Duane’s story check here. Check out this AWESOME story. The American Legion Family along with Commander Clarence Hill and American Legion Auxiliary President Rita Navarette actively participated in the Florida Ride. John Wordin was presented with the American Legion Auxiliary’s Public Spirit Award at its Awareness Assembly in Washington, DC held in conjunction with the Washington Conference. The Public Spirit Award recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations for contributions that positively impact communities, especially those efforts that benefit military, veterans and their families. The next time you complain about something, stop and think about these guys and gals, and then stop complaining. The other sporting event is the Bataan Memorial Death March. It was held March 21, 2010 and according to their web site it is “a challenging march through the high desert terrain of White Sands Missile Range, N.M., conducted in honor of the heroic service members who defended the Philippine Islands during World War II, sacrificing their freedom, health and, in many cases, their very lives. Marchers come to this memorial event for many reasons — personal challenge, the spirit of competition or to foster esprit de corps in their unit. Some march in honor of a family member or a particular veteran who was in the Bataan Death March or was taken a prisoner of war by the Japanese in the Philippines.” RIP army nurse LtC Madeline Ullum, “Angel of Bataan”, stationed in Corregidor, Philippines when it was captured by the Japanese on May 6, 1942. She spent 1,000 days in captivity at the Santo Tomas internment camp with 5,000 other POW’s before being released on Feb 3, 1945.
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