CNN, the Brady Campaign and "Veterans for Common Sense": Never let a tragedy go to waste

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Dr Phil Dr. Phil discusses PTSD on CNN, despite the fact that the Ft Hood shooter did not have PTSD, had never served overseas, and no evidence supported the theory that PTSD made him do it. It was so predicable that one didn’t need to be a prognosticator on par with Nostradamus to predict what the aftermath of Major Hasan’s shooting spree would look like. CNN for 5 hours solid (I know because I was watching every second of it) interviewed mental health professionals on what the effect of returning from combat can do to a man. Even long after other bloggers and media sources had alerted CNN that nothing in this man’s record indicated overseas service, still the investigation into unstable soldiers with PTSD continued unabated. When a JAG officer on Larry King Live lambasted the network for the “psycho-babble” and noted the killers last name, everyone on the set lambasted him for his obvious racism. Dr Phil was nearly apoplectic, and chimed in noting how irresponsible this assertion was. Now, just why it was irresponsible to note the last name, and yet not irresponsible to malign those of our brothers and sisters with PTSD, was never really addressed. Into the Valley of Impropriety rides “Veterans for Common Sense.”
“I’m very upset. I’m at the point of tears,” said Paul Sullivan, executive director of Veterans for Common Sense, who lives in Austin. “We warned the military about this. We warned the military about the need to increase the number of mental health care providers. We warned the military about lowering recruiting standards, about the medical exams for soldiers coming back from the war and needing mental health care and brain injury exams.” “We have been working tirelessly to try to prevent this from happening,” he said. “This is so horrible. This is a tragedy.”
Really Paul, you warned the military that a psychiatrist might at any moment decide to switch teams and launch an attack on an SRP center? Or, did you just leap to a conclusion that supported your world-view, and facts be damned, you decided to run with it? Because I don’t see a single thing in your warnings that would have had any bearing what-so-ever on this atrocity. Not to be outdone, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence decided to take advantage of this opportunity to attack a completely unrelated bill that Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Senator Burr, had introduced with support from The American Legion.
“Our deepest sympathies go to the families who lost loved ones or are today visiting them in the hospital. Along with the rest of the country, we wish the Fort Hood community a return to a secure and safe environment. “When I heard of the tragedy yesterday, we were in the midst of planning a response to the latest dangerous legislative proposal from the gun lobby in the United States Senate - language to automatically restore access to guns to veterans designated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Justice Department as ‘mentally incapacitated’ or ‘mentally incompetent.’ In light of what happened yesterday - a violent attack by an emotionally unstable soldier - it is even clearer that the proposal being pushed by Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina should be rejected. “America has seen an epidemic of horrific gun violence at churches and synagogues, workplaces, health clubs, high schools, universities, police stations and now Army bases. This latest tragedy, at a heavily fortified army base, ought to convince more Americans to reject the argument that the solution to gun violence is to arm more people with more guns in more places. Enough is enough.”
Now, just to be clear, nothing in that bill would have had any impact here. Hasan was in the military, ergo, NOT GOING TO VA. This bill they reference would allow veterans who go to the VA some legal protections from having a psychiatrist arbitrarily take away their right to own guns, unless they are a threat to themselves or others. So, not only would this not have hindered Hasan, it is designed so that Hasan wouldn’t have taken away a veterans Constitutional rights, if he decided to go work for VA. So, there you have it. For Veterans Day this year CNN honored us by maligning those with PTSD, “Veterans for Common Sense” blamed the military for not listening to them, even though what they were saying wouldn’t have any impact here, and the Brady Center plans to use this tragedy to stifle a bill intended to protect the Constitutional Rights of Veterans. Oh, and as for the Brady Campaign's little shot about how this was a "heavily fortified base" I am sure they knew this, but all privately owned firearms on base have to be stored with the ammunition separate, and one has to clear it through the provost marshall first. So knock off the idea that everyone on base was running around armed. Thanks a lot to CNN, Veterans for Common Sense, and the Brady Campaign. Stop trying to help us, we can’t take much more.
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God I LOVE this web site!

It never ceases to amaze me how the most tragic incidents can be the stepping stone for so many politician and other public figures own agenda's. I would say that they should be ashamed of themselves for the way in which they have tried to manipulate the facts to try to serve their own purposes, but it's clear that if they were able to look at themselves honestly they would have never done it in the first place. I guess there's no place for moral charecter in such a great country as our own.

Media maggots thrive on social ills. They cut no one any slack. It's not about ethics or being right or wrong. To them it's about getting the most attention, the quickest way possible to feed the hunger of their sensation starved readership, at any cost. You are right on, in this case. It's sad that objective revision coming from veterans will be easily dismissed as biased. And too soon the media maggots will splatter on us, another story that will eclipse the Ft. Hood massacre. And once again. a readership of little minds and short attention spans will look elsewhere to titillate itself. And those affected by this will still struggle to right the wrongs they leave in their wake of thoughtless scrambling for sensationalism. May the souls of the victims rest in God's peace and may HE give comfort to those who grieve and mourn their loss!

You are right on the mark.

Why does the media continue to look to these individuals as "experts", and who are Veterans for Common Sense. I live in Texas and have never heard of them, but then I do not affiliate with people from Austin very much. I would say that in opposition to lowering standards, we have found that we must be "politically correct" and not question when the question could be considered racist or offensive to a group. The result of this media event with the "experts" giving their views will, unfortunately, muddy the view that needs to be taken.
Thank you for posting this article, I did not have the opportunity to watch this on CNN.

What else would we expect from Dr. Phil? After all, he was created from the dust by Oprah.

I learned about the press when I was 18 and processing messages and intel and at the same time reading the papers and watching television. The press and reality are mutually exclusive terms, mostly (save for Fox).
With all due respect (that is, none) to "Dr. Phil" he wouldn't know a case of PTSD if it landed on his big mouth. I don't want to belittle the disorder or the soldiers who suffer from it, but Dr. Phil in his stress-free, millionaire's world, shouldn't open his mouth until he knows whereof he speaks. He insults soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen who truly suffer by doing so. He owes all of them an apology.
CNN and Brady and the Kerry-cum-lately responible "veterans" don't surprise me in the least. A liberal rarely uses a logical argument to support a cause -- merely soundbites.

I found this article very enlightening, since I never watch CNN anyway. It is truly sad when people need to belittle our Military
personnel, to enhance their own status. I'm hopeful that most Americans will be smart enough to see this and use it. America
needs to take back control from the nut cases in Washington.

I have liked Dr Phil and am about to read an article on him in SUCCESS magizne. However by him jumping in on this sad event the way he did I have lost all respect for him. GOD Bless our Troops

Thank you for sharing the truth! Since when did the "P" in PTSD stand for "pre", meaning "before"? How can you have a condition prior to having it? Dr. Phil needs to get off the "15 minutes of fame" ride and start tending to matters he knows someting about. That's right, he knows nothing except how to fool some of the people some of the time and liberals all of the time. The attitude of "everyone needs to love us and we need to love them" has brought this country to the demise we are now it. We are not the power house we were, or even 20 yrs ago.

PTSD my ass...he's a muslim terrorist who betrayed his fellow soldiers and his oath of allegance to this nation. Try him then execute the coward.

I do not like fox news and Dr Phil should see adoctor before opening his mouth

From what I understand, "Phil" is not a doctor! He is just a m,an with an opinion, backed by a camera! He has no credability in my book.

Dr. Phil (is he really a Dr.?)wears his mothers bloomers, but, most of the "journalists" and and Weather Underground loving pinkos in govt.have been practicing their brand of treason for decades. God help us we don't know who to trust .

It is an embarrassment for all of us and an injustice for our brothers and sisters with PSTD. Find an excuse for the incident. Shift the blame, find a cover up, the so called experts line up with their own agendas. Face the fact we all know. The war is on our shores and we had better adjust to that fact before more of our brave men and women and the innocents start to become more victims of incompetence.

Unfortunately, we've exploded the PSTD diagnosis to cover just about every trauma fromcombat to a root canal. Face it: this is the age-old disconnect of a religion vs a constitutional perspective.

This incident had jack-$hit to due with PTSD. I'm sick of hearing people talking about "taking back America." Lets do something about it already my firends. Its time to stop being "politically correct" and start telling it as it is. I've started already (not that I was ever really politically correct to begin with) and refuse to let the minority over-rule us (notice I stated "minority" NOT "minorites" this has nothing to do with race, its strictly a patriotic American issue). Rise the F up and join me in fixing America before we lose her. Most of us have served honorably and don't want our service forgotten about when history writes about a nation that once existed in North America.

who gives a shiiiit what dr fool thinks!

I would now be well aware of any soldier with a Muslim name that may behind me in a combat situation.

People who go through the process of legally carrying a concealed firearm are less than 1% of the people who commit felonies with deadly weapons. Statistics bear it out.

The twisted SOB who shot those soldiers should be tried under the UCMJ, and when found guilty he should be left to rot in prison with the periodic beat down from fellow prisoners so he can never have the chance to claim that he will die a martyr.

I suppose that I will be called an idiot/hate monger and what ever other name the liberals want to plant on me but the Ft Hood Shooting was the act of a Muslim! These people who say they are a a peaceful Religion are a bunch of liars, that is not a religion, it is a cult! Any group that emphasizes killing those that do not believe the way you do is a group of lunatics! I believe in freedom of religion but these nuts need to be banned from the US! If you are a muslim GO TO SOME MUSLIM NATION! We do not need you here!

It is expected that those with no sense of the privilege to serve the United States with honor would choose to belittle her armed forces members to protect their own twisted "politicaly correct" pipe dream. Reinventing terrorist activity as "man made disasters" and failing to correctly identify the source is their tactic. It has been reported that there are currently some 96 different definitions for the word "terrorist". Until we can define the issue we will be unable to effectivly fight it. Until we, as free men and women, understand without a doubt that in fact the Islam/Muslim world is completely joined at the hip by shariah/jihad, we will with certainty continue to experience attacks on non combatants and military within the sanctity of US soil. This is #1 Post 9/11 and the fervor to distract and spin the guilt away from their beloved Barrak Hussein Obama. Fort Hood was not PTSD. It is Islamic jihad continued thanks to current policy and fear of being deemed racist. Are the 13 dead at Fort Hood worth the hot air and lies? Absolutely not! Great nations in history have not fallen from external forces, it is always from within.

Between the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU), ACORN, and other extreme leftist organizations, and those traitors, corrupt governmental employees and politicians proliferating our sacred institutions who violate their oaths to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, our military may need to develop an effective defense against domestic enemies first. The attempt to delute and divert the truth surrounding the murders at Fort Hood, by talking heads, or appeasing inept politicians are perhaps the real enemies whom we should defend ourselves.

Let me be the first to advocate “jumping to conclusions”. Although our fine Presidents say we should not do so, I think he may be wrong. Let me give some examples. If you drive your car on empty, you may want to jump to the conclusion it will run out of gas. If you see smoke coming out of a house, you may want to jump to the conclusion that there may be a fire. If you see a bunch of guys who get on an airplane with box cutters, you may want to jump to the conclusion that something is not right. And if you listen to a man who go on tirades’ about how the war against his fellow Muslims is wrong and then he sell all his stuff you may want to jump to the conclusion that he is up to no good. So just call me a jumper. Life is safer that way.

I like what Ben has to say, i double it!

This is such a crock. To say that this man possibly has PTSD ignores the fact he had never been deployed. What this man has is Muslim superiority disorder.

Regretfully, most of the talking heads and their managing 'handlers' have focussed on the alleged murderer; (He must have been in a rush for the 72 brown-eyed virgins waiting for him). Little has been said or written about the extended personal destruction wrought on the casualties and their families and loved ones. It is truly a tragic statement of our human condition to ignore the basic impact on people by the acts of the deranged behavior bunch and to focus on the primary actor(s) and their actions. Could it be that we all might need a further fine tuning to be able to move onward? God does work in mysterious ways.

When someone, anyone saids in other then Engish, "GOD IS GOOD", before killing a group of military persons, what is it that anyone is to think? How can anyone that believes in a GOD kill in the name of GOD? Any person that is in the military can not know that if you start shooting into a group of people you will die, so did not this person that planned this attack, plan to die? Giving all your property away prior to a suicide run and still plans to go to heaven dosen't have a lot of smarts, oops he had a Doctors Degree didn't he? If anyone believes that a terrorist has to be part of a group, than what do you call a terrorist that belongs to a group and acts on hes own in hopes that the will be honored in heaven? No where do I claim that I am speaking on a group of people, but all adds up to a terrorist. One more thing, If we declared War agianst Terrorist then a terrorist "POW" is not due any court time, do they? After war is over then they are released to their claiming citilization, or trided on war crimes, right? If I were to stand trial in a city that may hold a little anger for what I'm being trided for, won't my Lawyer ask for a change of menu, a different group of people to decide my fate? Just food for thought.....

Al this physco babble form folks who don't have a clue as to what they are talking about just amazes me . As a Vietnam era veteran
I know what Post Traumatic Stress is I survived and managed to overcome the demons in my life . Others have been less fortunate
but help is available if these folks seek it . However not from the likes of Dr Phil and his kind ! The military psychiatrist at Fort Hood
cracked pure and simple . I do not condone what he did and I hope the full measure of the military trial condemns him to death .
However one little known fact should be made . Overall psychiatrists as well as phychologists have a higher incidence of sucide on the
whole . Why ? I suspect all of the issues they have to deal with during their career . This individual DID NOT HAVE PTSD !! And folks
who now worry about strict gun control measures come on folks get a life . Nothing is going to change you still have the right to bear
arms !!


I wonder how things would have turned out if The Illustrious Bill Clinton would not have taken the guns from the Soldier's hands while on the Military Campus. Like all things weapons-related the outsome of banning weapons is that the CRIMINAL ELEMENT will ALWAYS have the weapon. They don't care about the idiotic 'Politically Correct' laws of a Government. When GUNS Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have GUNS. It's just too bad that most people in the higher ranks of Government have no military experience nor do they have any Common Sense. Born with a Golden Spoon in their mouths, the yhave never known what it is to be a 'Normal Joe' in this Country. Give our Soldiers back the right to fight the enemy aNYWHERE and something like this would not happen. No, our Militaries hands are tied by Presidents that have no experience in a Military environment, nor do they have any experience in living in the REAL World. A World of hard times and only justice for $um. This shooting would not have gone and played out the way it did if Weapons were allowed to be carried by the Soldiers on the Installation.
I feel that ALL Congressional people and Candidates for Governmental Office should be REQUIRED to have had Military Service BEFORE they are even allowed to be anywhere NEAR a Ballot for Office.

Dr.Phil is a hack anyway. PTSD ? Give me a break. I've been treated for it since I got out.

If it walks like a duck, etc.; it's a duck!!! Political correctness must go!!!!!!

This is the most asinine bunch of crap I have seen so far! Firs an apologist in the White House and now a pseudo-professional spouting his garbage all over the airwaves! Dr. Phil should be taken off the air, CNN should be taken off the air and the Brady supporter nut jobs should all be drafted and sent to Afghanistan, as front line medics with no weapons,and a bright red cross on their helmets!

Dr Phil Born of oprah he has to say things to keep his name up front, be it right or wrong. He should be dismissed as a girlie man. This was another TERRORIST ATTACK Buy a muslin. I guess this muslim had pre PTSD.

I'm a veteran and my father was a combat infantryman who fought in 3 pacific theater campains in WWII. He still wakes up at night reliving the horrors of war. He knows what PTSD is. My dad lives with it. He is also a kind and gentile person who would never knowingly harm anyone. To equate the terrorist act comitted by that Islamic SOB to PTSD is a slap in the face of our brave veterans who had to over come their gentile natures and do a difficult job. Those same veterans returned and have lived among us without turning guns on us. Dr Phil is an obvious "QUACK" trying promote a political adgenda that has nothing to do with medicine. He and CNN should be canned.

Unfortunately, what happened at Ft. Hood is concisely explained in Sam Harris' book "The End of Faith". It's surprising how accurate Mr. Harris was considering he wrote the book in 2004. If you want to understand the world we share with the Moslem world along with how we should deal with it I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book @ Amazon for about $10. You'll not only have a detailed appreciation of why fundamentalist Moslems act the way they do but you will also be surprised to learn why we cannot tolerate not only the radical Moslems but we also should not try to coexist with the conservative Moslems.

"The End of Faith" is very well written by one of the most intelligent authors alive today. You'll know why Ft. Hood happened after you read it and never be surprised again by anything Islam conjures for the West.

To me it is simple adn yet the military machine is more focused on political correctness than protecting those who serve.

1. Why in hell don't the troops have weapons?

2. Why the hell didn't our intel folks fly with the warning signs? Had it been a hard right christian would they have cut the same slack?

3. As I wanted for the creep who set the fires on the USS Forestall, so with this agent of Allah.
Call all units to formation - stand him out front, advise those present, this is the SOB, dismiss the formation.
While I imagine, it is difficuult to throw someone overboard on an army base, the army folks are resourcefull I am sure!

PTSD had nothing to do with this atrocity. The Muslim religion had nothing to do with this atrocity. The current gun laws in this country had nothing to do with this. Being a radical Muslim intent on killing anyone who is not a radical Muslim had everything to do with this atrocity. Also, as stated already, being politically correct and the fear of being charged as a racist allowed this to happen. Had the shooter been a white Anglo Saxon protestant, the army would have paid attention to all of the danger signals and he would never have gotten this far. If the shooter had yelled "Glory to the God of (insert religion other than Muslim)", the media would have been all over this as the act of a religious terrorist. Unfortunately those who want to sell air time and newspapers, and those who want to elevate their own status or agenda, will use whatever incident they can because they have no shame and they have no feelings for any other individuals. Too many of us have sat back for years thinking that this was "a phase" and that, as a people, we would return to a nation where the majority rules while protecting the minority (and these two terms have nothing to do with race) and common sense is "common". We have all been sadly mistaken. As Donahue commented, we must accept that change will only come when we've decided we've had enough and that change is going to happen when we initiate it.

Simple logic tells us that not all Muslims desire to attack the United States or kill Americans. But we are faced with asking: which is more important, American lives or accepting all Muslims who apply for duty in the armed services? Perhaps if those Muslims who wish America well were to take concrete actions to accost those of their faith who hate America, we could feel better about accepting Muslims in uniform. As it is, the question of American lives versus accepting Muslims remains.

Ever wonder how the media would react if it were a Christian that shot into a crowd of Muslims, yelling "Jesus is Great". You never even hear the name Jesus mentioned in the media, nowadays. If people don't wake up, 9/11 is bound to be repeated, probably much worse. God bless the victims and their families.

Look, this does not have anything to do with this idiots last name or PTSD. We do NOT have enough mental health people in the service to help our kids that come back from these lousy wars and it was an opportunity to jump on something they need.. The shooter claimed to Muslim but wasn't. He is just flat nuts but sane enough for the death penalty. Praying and preaching just doesn't cut it to prove you are Muslim. We are condeming an entire religion for the acitons of a crazy. We have the right to belong to any religion in this country. Even the Muslims are upset over his claiming to be one of them. Why in the hell are we so quick to jump to assinine conclusions. He acted alone. He murdered our kids at Ft. Hood. He came out alive and that is a shame.
I am mad as hell that everyone has an agenda and using this to push it. There is nothing in this jerks life to develop PTSD. He is an American and never been in combat. We see these kids coming home and there is no help available for them in any area. VA and VA hospital were cut in budget since the 1980's. Granted, they have been increased recently but look how far behind we are due to past cuts by Republicans. We have a long way to go if we want to help our kids. We must get out of these wars to save our own kids.
There are too many issues being raised to come to a conclusion unless you just deal with FACTS. We have to stop all the blaming, hating , condemning, under budgeting. We have problems and need to address them one at a time. All of you, grow up and don't use this to push your agenda. Say what you mean. This murderer was nuts, plain and simple and should be shot for the lives he cost our country. He is NOT a muslim.

I'm afraid you missed the point of this discussion.

I don't believe that any rational person is blaming an entire religion. But that there are extremists in the Islamic faith that have conducted a large percentage of the terrorist attacks of late seems to be a fact that few dispute. My point was that why is it acceptable to engage in discussion regarding those with PTSD being predisposed towards violence, and yet noting the proclivities of an admittedly small minority of adherents of a religious faith is subject verbotten.

Actually, 'you' are missing the point of this discussion. If his name had been Smith or Jones and he began babbling about America being in the "wrong", I'm sure he would been openly and firmly reprimanded. It has yet to be determined whether his sanity played amy part in it. He was excluded from being ostracized because of his religion.

My option about a Dr. Phil, a Quack, Quack that never put a day in solders shoes that never put one day in the shoes of men and women in combat. Never had to defend for himself or men next to his side. Then he talks about PTSD about a coward that opens fire on so many men and women. This coward destroyed many, many family that they struggle day after day to cope with the lost. Not mention about the people wounded. Thank God for the men with the training, which put their lives in arms way to help the wounded in need. An Army of One, an army that stand up for the rights of others. Dr. Phil, you are one of the first to show your face for public to open up about PTSD for a Coward, how you can sleep. The TV ratings who are they for you, or CNN. Tell your boys, sign up for the Army, don’t hide behind your father and be a Man.

Oh by the way, I signed up for the "Veterans for Common Sense" newsletter just to see what they were all about. The entire newsletter had an eerily familiar political tone to it. The same negative media-style bullshit that we've all been forced to listen to for the last who knows how many years. Hey Veterans-For-Common-Sense, I have some of my own common sense for you:

"Common sense should tell you that we Veterans don't care to hear your take on political issues. We care about Veterans issues and American issues. We don't give a fuck who is in the White House or was in the White House as long as they love this country to death and respect everything that America stands for and everything that we've fought for.. We are willing to forgive mistakes that are made by our superiors, even if we lose some of our buddies, as long as the person who made the decision was sincere and the decision was honestly believed to be in the best interest of our America. We only hold grudges when we are lied too or cheated and deceived. We can overcome anything that life throws at us because we have the support and backing of a thousand brothers whom we served with. We don't need a weekly newsletter that attempts to sway our decision in one direction or another. When it comes to school or books, we may not be the smartest bunch of MoFo's, but we can read straight through your bullshit and tell that your trying to impose your own opinion on us. Just give us the FACTS and we will make our own decision. When the political smoke clears, you'll find that we Veterans are always standing together. Thats because we share another common bond besides our love for country and service.. that bond is Common Sense. And you guys are lacking it." -Pete

He committed repeated acts of murder. He is guilty as hell. He needs to meet his Maker -- the sooner the better. Please have him show up in Court in an orange jump suit and not an Army uniform.

I don't think he will get a "fair" trial at Ft Hood, but I am sure he would in either Iraq or Afghanistan by a jury of his peers. Punishment should be swift and merciless.

Justice delayed is justice denigned.

I would like all of the bleeding hearts to spend time with the families of the deceased, rather trying to justify the unjustifiable.

Veterans for Common Sense doesn't even know what it doesn't know.

Does PTSD now stand for Pre Tramutic Stress Disorder? Dr Phil is a fool to even suggest that this is PTSD related. But then I think he is a fool period. The gun confiscation lobby will use any excuse to take away our self defense so they can protect us. I'd rather protect myself than rely on their ilk.

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