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Shame on the VA for hiding reports that will help us guarantee they are living up to their mission and responsibility. Today the Pittsburgh Review-Tribune reported the VA banned the release of inspection reports on VA nursing facilities. The decision emanates from criticism rightly levied against the VA after a 2008 report that concluded the VA “failed to provide a safe and sanitary environment for their residents.” Each year, through a contract paid for and administered by VA, the Long Term Care Institute inspects over 100 VA nursing homes. A byproduct of these annual inspections is a report that grades the facility on hundreds of quality indicators to gauge the overall operation, health, and safety of a facility. Similarly, the nearly 250 state veterans homes are subject to similar “surveys” and accompanying reports. However, in contrast, the VA inspects the state veterans homes. Numerous agencies oversee private and non-profit homes throughout the country. A nursing home administrator told me once, “We’re the most regulated industry in America. We have more people looking over our shoulder than the nuclear power industry.” If he is right, then I’m okay with that. We must respect our elders and especially those veterans who need skilled nursing care in the twilight of their lives. The more people looking over the shoulder the better. The Review-Tribune article noted that the inspection report “described how one veteran had to have his leg amputated after a serious infection had gone untreated for so long that it attracted maggots. It also described blood-stained floors, a fly infestation and life-threatening treatment of veterans dependent on tube feeding.” The VA declared the report should not have been released because it was a quality assurance document protected from disclosure under federal law. So not only will the VA not be publicly issuing these reports, they will also deny requests submitted under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The VA’s action to hide these reports and prevent the public from their knowledge counters everything we’ve heard in the past months about an open transparent government under President Obama and Secretary Shinseki. In his June 4th remarks to the House Military Veterans’ Caucus, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki stated the VA has an “added responsibility for being transparent, accountable, and showing measurable returns.” He continued, “Veterans are our sole reason for existence, and I will do everything possible to ensure that the funds Congress appropriates will be used to improve the quality of life for Veterans and the efficiency of our operations.” If we, the veterans and public, are prohibited from understanding where the VA falls short, because we are not able to review these reports, can we guarantee the quality of life is met for our veterans? If the VA hired the Long Term Care Institute to do these inspections and identify areas for improvement, they are to be commended. To hide the information contained in these reports in disingenuous and hypocritical to a fundamental of transparency and accountability. The VA should use these reports as a plan to make care for our veterans better. These reports need to remain accessible by the public. We need to understand where our local VA facilities fall short in meeting public safety and health standards and where they excel. This knowledge is not only beneficial to a family member when deciding where to place a loved one, but also the veteran community and organizations like the American Legion. If veteran advocates don’t know these issues, how can we address them and help seek more funding or better programs to improve the quality of life and services to our veterans? Shame on the VA for hiding reports that will help us guarantee they are living up to their mission and responsibility.
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This is a great article. It is sad that no one within our government is willing to fix these problems.

haaardcooorrre man ! i love it

thinking is flawed here, sorry but i dont agree

A seriously interesting post - but one I cannot agree with I'm afraid

thats one of the best articles i have read recently on this problem thank you

Wow! amazing stuff, I don't entirely agree so I am still interested in this.

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