UPDATE: Blogger to sleep well tonight: Rick Duncan charged with SVA

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Thank you FBI. From the Marine Corps Times:
Charges filed against phony Colorado war hero By Dan Lamothe - Staff writer Posted : Friday Oct 2, 2009 13:31:42 EDT U.S. authorities have charged an admitted military faker exposed by Colorado veterans this spring for lying about being a Marine captain who served three tours in Iraq, being wounded in combat and surviving the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Jeffrey Dorschner, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado, confirmed Friday morning that charges had been filed against Richard Glen Strandlof, 32, but said he did not immediately know what they were. The actions come nearly five months after the FBI arrested him May 13 on an outstanding warrant after questioning him about his purported past, which he later admitted concocting. Until his arrest, Strandlof was known in Colorado as Rick Duncan, a rising star in politics and openly gay war hero who spoke frequently on behalf of veterans issues, campaigned for anti-war political candidates running for state and federal office, and founded the Colorado Veterans Alliance.
I want to thank all of you that weighed in on the previous discussion and all those who went the extra mile by contacting the US Attorney out there.
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Provided Richard Glen Strandlof is still Richard Glen Strandlof.

Rumors have it he is now be Ricky "Alf" Rocket (former astronaut) and founder of Out of This World Society in Cape Cod, MA. He was the only survivor of a "secret" explosion of a failed Mercury Mission -- he was out of the capsule when the unreported incident occurred. His classified reentry to Earth was rather slow to prevent combustion, but recorded as the longest unofficial space walk in NASA history.

Fortunately, he will be campaigning for the senatorial candidate, who is the leading adovcate for jobless former space professional.

Please FBI -- get this guy some professional help!

Please don't get him any help. It's too funny to get him help. Entertainment you know. The poor bastard.

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