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Korea 050 What greater reward In 1995 the Samsung Corporation approached The American Legion with a proposal. They would make a donation to the Legion if in return the Legion would distribute those funds to benefit the descendants of those American military that fought in Korea in the early 50’s and that continued to serve in Korea throughout the next 40 years. Samsung wanted to use this method to thank those troops for their sacrifice, a sacrifice that led directly to the South Korea we now know, a country with a democratically elected government and a vibrant economy, a country in stark contrast to their northern neighbor. The American Legion proposed that the organization’s Boys State program be used as the conduit to identify applicants for college scholarships to be funded from this donation. Additionally The American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State program was invited to participate and submit applicants. As a result, each of the 49 Boys State and Girls State programs evaluate applications submitted to the staff and send one application on for selection of The American Legion’s Samsung Scholars. It is a strict requirement that each applicant be the direct descendant of a veteran of the US military. Those applicants that are descended from a veteran serving during the Korean War receive extra credit. That is a requirement agreed to with the Samsung Corporation since this program began as a way to think those veterans in particular. The applicant selected by each Boys and Girls State receives a $1,000 scholarship with the top applicants receiving $20,000. This year eleven Samsung Scholars were selected by the National Committee on Education, a joint effort of The American Legion and The American Legion Auxiliary. Those eleven scholars will each receive a $20,000 scholarship to a college of their choice. Since the inception of this program, The American Legion has awarded a total of $3,817,500 in scholarships to 1,380 applicants with 132 Samsung Scholars each receiving $20,000 with $1,000 going to each of the others. Every one of these students is benefiting directly from the service of a member of their family and really from everyone that ever served. The eleven Samsung Scholars selected for 2009 each have a Korean veteran in their family that provided their eligibility. What greater joy than to know your service provided this kind of return to your family. What greater reward than to know that the people you fought so hard to protect have not forgotten over 50 years later. If there is any doubt about the continuing value of military service and the ongoing benefits, remember the Samsung Corporation because they haven’t forgotten. Their donation to thank the American Veteran will live on indefinitely. That donation has been invested and continues to grow as it also provides scholarships to the descendants, scholarships that will continue to be awarded into the future, all because the American Veteran chose to protect someone half way around the world that they had never met but that needed help.
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Wow! just..... Wow!!! this is a truly heartwarming -- a shining example to "Never Forgotten" indeed.

Awesome!!! What a truly wonderful tribute to the serviceman that helped their country out!!! Thank you so much for doing this for the veterans!!

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