Then and Now: the Homefront of WWII v. Afghanistan

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radiofamily What percent of Americans do you think supported continuing war efforts in Germany during the Battle of the Bulge? Everyday as I walk to my office I pass a row of WWII posters. As I passed them last week I stopped to actually look them over, and it struck me how connected the WWII generation was on the homefront with the troops who served overseas. There are those iconic pictures of families gathered round the ginormous radios and listening to the latest dispatches from the front lines. Hollywood was busy aiding the war effort by making films, and some men were serving who would later go on to big and small screen fame. (Look at the service records of James Doohan, Gene Roddenberry and Deforest Kelly of Star Trek fame as one example.) Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the posters of WWII with the results of this CBS News/NYT poll on Afghanistan from last week. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. As a veteran of Afghanistan, the support I received from people back here was wonderful, so I am not making that connection, but what I would like to focus on is how interested in what we are doing the current generations of Americans are....

Poster 6

"Thinking about the last few weeks, how much attention have you been able to pay to news about the war in Afghanistan: a lot, some, not much, or no attention so far?"

A lot: 20 percent Some: 35 Not Much: 30 None: 14

Poster 5

"Do you think the U.S. is doing the right thing by fighting the war in Afghanistan now, or should the U.S. not be involved in Afghanistan now?"

Right Thing: 47 percent Not Involved: 40 Unsure: 11

Poster 4

"What is your impression of how the war in Afghanistan is going for the United States right now: very well, somewhat well, somewhat badly, or very badly?" Very Well: 3 percent Somewhat Well: 32 Somewhat Badly: 38 Very Badly: 15 Unsure: 12

Poster 3

"Would you say the situation in Afghanistan is getting better, getting worse, or is it staying about the same?" Getting Better: 8 percent Getting Worse: 26 Staying About the Same: 56 Unsure: 10

Poster 2

"From what you know about the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, how much longer would you be willing to have large numbers of U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan: less than a year, one to two years, two to five years, five to ten years, or as long as it takes?" Less than a year: 31 percent. One to two years: 24 Two to five years: 11 Five to ten years: 1 As long as it takes: 26 Should leave now (vol.): 1 Unsure: 6


"If the U.S. withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, do you think the threat of terrorism against the United States would increase, decrease, or stay the same?" Increase: 43 Percent Decrease: 9 Stay the Same: 42 Unsure: 6

So, if we leave we'll be in trouble, if we stay, we'll be in trouble. Again, what do you think the polls would have shown if taken during the height of the Battle of the Bulge?

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The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 09/29/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

I have often thought the same thing. We have the privilage of sending off our troops as they head back the theater after their RnR leave for the last few years. People always seem so suprised to know that a flight of soldiers comes in and goes out every day. Now days it's easy for people to go days with out hearing about our troops, but try getting through today with out hearing about Jon and Kate and their divorce proceedings.

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Don't do that!

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