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buisnessCardSMimageWe're so happy you could attend, Come inside, come inside.... For those of you that have found your way here, welcome! Over the next few weeks you will see a lot of changes as we start ramping up our efforts to make The Burn Pit the most important place on the internet for military and veterans issues. We've started lining up a host of authors that I think you will enjoy. We've got a few Past National Commanders who have graciously agreed to write for us, a NECman or 2, and some blue cappers from around the country. If you want to try your hand at authoring some pieces, please feel free to draft them up and send them my way at MOTHAX@LEGION.ORG I'm going to update the links as often as possible throughout each day, so if you see an article that might be of interest, forward it along. We know there are little glitches, so if you see them, drop me an email and we'll get it corrected. The Blog is not completed, nor will it ever be. We intend to add widgets, and other links as time goes on. But rather than us just working on it here, I wanted to include you: Members of the American Legion Family, veterans, family members and anyone else who finds their way here. Starting Monday I am going to turn off the censoring thing for comments, so as soon as you leave a comment, it will go up. We'll reassess that after a while and see how it is working, but we want this to be free-flowing. If you don't agree with us, then comment on it. No one is going to have a comment disappear for any reason unless it is slanderous, or uses profanity. Most of all, we just want this to be a place to gather. Talk to us, talk amongst yourselves, heck, you can even talk to yourself if you want. But, the more the merrier. If we can make your reading pleasure any better, just let us know how.
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Thanks for adding us to your blog roll. Please let us know if we can join you in any of your upcoming projects in the Dallas area!

Thanks for all of your hard work on behalf of service members, veterans and their family members. Communications is the key to successful transition from military service to civilian workforce. Keep up the good work.

New things take time to grow. Good Luck, God Bless
I'll see how your doing from time to time.

Looks like you've put a lot of work into the site. Best of success to all of you! Thanks for all the important work you do.

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