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“T.H.E. (‘The Hardest Easy’) Job Challenge.” So, Clarence Hill of the great State of Florida was elected to be National Commander this morning, apparently by 1 vote, although I was not there to witness it. I did, however, have numerous occasions to talk to our new Commander all week, and he has also started up a new blog which you can read here. Now, I'm not going to reprint his entire welcoming post, you can go there to read it yourself, but I did see one paragraph I really like, and which bodes well for us here at The Burn Pit:
I have a slogan to remember: “T.H.E. (‘The Hardest Easy’) Job Challenge.” All we have to do is explain who we are and what we do, under the Legion’s four pillars of service – Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism and Children & Youth – and veterans will join our ranks. That’s the easy part. The hardest part, for some reason, is getting that message delivered, welcoming new members aboard and mentoring them to become leaders.
I had the pleasure of escorting "Mr. Wolf" from Blackfive around all week, and he commented about 14,000 times that he was amazed how many different programs we had that he'd never heard of. Somehow he linked up with the China Post 1 guys, and now I can't calm him down. But, Mr. Wolf is a Legionnaire from Colorado, and he hadn't heard of many of our programs.   I couldn't help but wonder how many other folks, both inside and out of the Legion Family have no clue either. The logic behind Burn Pit was (or is) simple: tell people what we are doing and let people tell us what they want us to do. We have great stuff in our magazine, but the magazine goes to members. Most Legionnaires already know what a great product we have, I was told to find those people who don't know as much and educate them. Having NC Hill at the helm is going to help that. Commander Rehbein really *got* the New Media. He's going to be blogging here quite a bit, and helping give us a bit of much-needed gravitas. The transition from a standpoint of messaging will be easy, since both had a great interest in the future of communications and social networking. Now it is down to the rest of us to implement it. Just as the "surge" in Iraq was a plan that was sheer genius, but still had to be implemented by the men and women on the ground, so it our messaging. And I don't mean bloggers at Burn Pit. It's all of us who are members, employees or officials in The American Legion. Anyway, you should go check out NC Hill's new blog, and while your at it, check out one of the other New Media outlets that we are branching out into: Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Flickr. LinkedIn. All right, let's get crackin'.
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