Mark Potok, the SPLC, and the ACLU – I’ll Find the Bad Apple

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Potok Looking for that one... As I’ve travelled this year, it has been my privilege to meet so many heroes. Heroes like Glenn Kiepe, who served his country in the Air Force and then lost his son, who was shot down in a Navy jet during Operation Desert Storm. Mary Jane, Glenn’s wife, went on to become president of the Gold Star Mothers of America. Heroes like the World War II paratrooper that I stood beside at La Fiere Bridge as we watched today’s troops jump into that same area 65 years later. He also jumped for Operation Market Garden and earned a silver star later at Bastogne. Heroes like the six wounded warriors that we traveled with to Iraq – heroes who each gave part of their body in that fight. Heroes like the troopers we met on the DMZ in Korea, still guarding that line 55 years after their fathers and grandfathers came home. Heroes like the young men and women on the firing line at basic training in Fort Jackson, preparing themselves to join their comrades on the front line somewhere. But we still have those who keep looking among these heroes for the one or two bad apples that they are convinced exist among them. To find that one bad apple, they are willing to throw away all the good ones and drag all the heroes through the mud, in hopes of being able to say, “I found one.” Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok’s words categorize all our troops as racist in his desperate search for that one bad apple, thus proving that right-wing hate is linked to the military. Meanwhile, the ACLU and some of their supporters in leadership positions in Congress continue their mindless push to publish all the pictures related to the detainees. They completely ignore the consequences of that act, somehow believing that printing pictures of alleged abuse doesn’t brand everyone in uniform and appearing to believe that showing the supposed bad acts of one or two somehow make everyone better. That is logic I simply can’t follow. Who is it really about here? The heroes that so many of us work so hard to honor and protect, or those few with their own self-centered point of view who are willing to destroy the reputation of all those heroes just so they can say, “I found one”.
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This is the way I see it, the Judgement for all of us, comes later after we're all gone, I have my opinions but never Judge anyone, that's the job, for the big guy.

You apparently believe what you want to , or what some bible-thumping self-ordained preacher tells you to believe instead of documented fact. SPLC does not allege that all servicemembers are racists or white supremacists or even torturers and lawbreakers, only that some may be and some are vulnerable yo supremacist propaganda.

It is interesting that you cited "...Mark Potok's words" but neglected to mention that they were contained in an article written by a staff member of Stars and Stripes newspaper.

It is telling that you also mention ACLU in your diatribe, the second automatic target of right-wing superpatriots, religious pressure groups and supremacists groups themselves.

Your choice of language is also interesting concerning "... printing pictures of alleged abuse... supposed bad acts of one or two." There is nothing alleged about it, the pictures are clear evidence of crimes and violations of the Geneva Convention by members of the US armed forces and by extension their superior officers. Publishing them merely means you can't sweep it under the rug with a smirk and a giggle.

Both ACLU and SPLC have long records of supporting civil rights of US citizens... ALL US citizens, not just those who share a close-minded right-wing ideology that seeks to deny evidence to the contrary.

The SPLC is racist! It seems of late, they have been going around calling anyone who dares to disagree with Pres. Obama's plans for healthcare, the environment & various stimulus packages racist. After all, they get their $$$ from the government & it shows that they are "working".

I retired in 1974. There had been a certain amount of racism when I entered the Navy in 1954. It was better when I retired, but not completely gone. I doubt it will ever go away. I have had sons-in-law that are Guamainian & African-American. My daughters blond & blue-eyed. My grandchildren are often described as "exotic" in appearnce. So SPLC, go fine another phoney axe to grind. Please take Rev. Al Sharpton & Rev. Jesse Jackson too - & don't forget Rev. Wright & Minister Farakahn. Now that is prejudice. Mark Potok reminds us that there are lawyers who are a blight on the whole profession.

God bless the troops - of all colors. When your back needs covering, we are all brothers regardless of what some of these baggy-pants civilians think.

It is known as Southern popostious Lie Center here in the South.

Right on, David! I am so tired of these people who never served in uniform, never experienced long tours away from home and loved ones, who were actually able to be home when their kids were growing up, throwing mud on those of us who made all that possible for them. Keep up the good work!

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) exists on funding from far-left, anti-war, anti-capitalist, 'Christian white males are inherently bad/racist/dangerous/etc.', individuals and corporations.

The SPLC's most recent "revelation" seems to be that there are militias afoot around the country. (A throw-back to the Clinton years when the SPLC thought they had a sympathetic government in the WhiteHouse.) More anti-gun, anti-white, etc. rhetoric.

Our military is a "MICROCOSM" of the larger American population. Naturally, the problems that exist in our society, in general, will exist in institutions. Unfortunately, when citizens feel strongly about social injustices even the most noble institutions are not spared.
It is incumbent on our institutions, elected officials and social organizations to cite, award merit and laud the "HEROES" as well. Reports of danger and of tragedy always seem to attract more attention than reports of bravery and selfless sacrifice.
While it is never comfortable, those are flaws of human nature I have come to "ACCEPT".

I'm not sure who I'm qouting/paraphrasing, "For those who've fought for it, freedom has a sweet taste that those who've not will never know".

I'm glad to know that the ACLU does not stand for AMERICAN COMMUNISTS LAWYERS UNION, and the SPLC does not stand for the SOUTHERN PARANOID LUNATIC CENTRAL. Organizations full of lawyers receiving money from the Government (who must plant apple trees to find bad apples) must build distortions, lies, and issues contrary to the morales of the majority in order to exist. To achieve glory by defeating created and phony issues that conflict with truths fought for on battlefields around the world is fleeting! Can it be that rotten apples fall closest to the ACLU/SPLC tree?

we can say that the stimulus package that were issued several years ago have been taking its effect now',`

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